It restores the natural balance of the body.

Perfect hydration

Sodium and potassium have the same proportions

as in physiological fluids

Contains electrolytes

Sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, iodine

100% Natural isotonic

It is 40% better absorbed by the body than industrial isotonics

It has alkaline pH

Counteracting acidification. Because of restored correct pH 7,4

it raises the quality of our blood.

Better health

Iodine and selenium support thyroid and brain function.

Water for active people

As chlorine-sodium water perfectly complements electrolytes

lost in intense exercise

Our Source

Water from the glacial period,
health from 9,800 years ago.


Alkaline water Sport Sense is an excellent ingredient in your daily diet. Balancing the acidity of various types of beverages and food and acting alkalizing, it naturally restores and helps to maintain the right acid-alkaline balance of our body.

“Alkaline water is the first and the most important factor in recovery” – Dr. Don Colbert, author of the book “Seven Pillars of Healthy Life”


This balance is the basis for the proper course of life processes and a necessary condition for maintaining health at kidney stones, gout, diabetes, hypertension, gastric hyperacidity, gastroesophageal reflux, obesity, as well as cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease and cancer. Due to the content of natural iodine and selenium, it can be used in Hashimoto’s disease. The alkaline environment in most cases slows down and blocks the development of diseases. It helps in level adjustment
triglycerides and cholesterol in the circulatory system. Appropriate alkaline hydration with Sport Sense water also reduces osteoarticular pain (arthritis) caused by too high uric acid levels in the body and reduced its excretion, which causes deposition in the form of crystals in the joints of the limbs, where inflammation develops.

“Harmful microorganisms are unable to grow when the blood is in pH biochemical equilibrium.” Robert Young, microbiologist and neuropathist considered the creator and main promoter of the alkaline diet in the world.


The Alkaline Sport Sense water cluster forms 6 molecules – hexagonal structure similar to human body fluids, which improves the body’s hydration capacity, and also increases the efficiency of cell cleansing from metabolic products. Thanks to this property, it is directly
absorption by the body and better ability to transport micronutrients to our cells. Twice the lower surface tension of molecules than in other bottled waters increases the ability to connect with body fluids and increase the absorption of water by the body.
It also prevents the concentration of blood and helps to maintain optimal fluidity is very important especially in the case of atherosclerosis of the blood vessels. At the same time, Sport Sense water perfectly complements these electrolytes, which we lose with sweat.


Higher than in table and mineral waters, OH content increases the ability to transmit oxygen to cells. The first noticeable effect of this difference is the reduction of the effect of sourdough after exertion (arising from anaerobic metabolism) and the apparent reduction of joint pain.

“I do not know the disease, where the basics would not be a cell inoxygenation,” proclaimed the well-known biochemist Otto Wartburg, Nobel Prize laureate.

Alkaline water
Hexagonal structure
Mineral / tap water
Multimolecular structure
Smaller clusters – easy
cell penetration
Bigger clusters – weaker hydration
cells and less oxygen
Typical analysis in: 803,95mg/l

Natural Superchargerâ„¢
Try yourself.

Sport Sense is the only 100% natural water in the world,
where the ratio of sodium to potassium
is the same as in physiological fluids.

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