Our mission

Our goal is to promote healthy lifestyles among professional athletes and those who practice sports want to shift the limits of their body. How do we realize our mission? We provide the highest quality artesian alkaline water of premium class – Sport Sense and our mission is to make people aware that it is not quantity, but the quality of drinking water affects our health and our sport performance.

We have noticed that many athletes have a great deal of knowledge about the calorie content of the products and the principles of diet composition, while in terms of irrigation and deacidification, they stop drinking isotonic drinks and regular mineral water. Is it wrong? Unfortunately yes. Isotonics often contain artificial colors, preservatives, flavors and flavor enhancers. On the other hand, many of the waters available in stores are acidic (bad for the body) or their mineral composition is artificially obtained or very poor.

We want to see natural, pure mineral water extracted from Kolobrzeg sources on the store shelves, in the fitness clubs and in the gyms, the alkaline water Sport Sense with natural mineral composition perfectly suited for sports enthusiasts.

Our Team

We are a group of people who practice different sports and are fascinated by sport as a way to have a better, more fulfilling life. Over the years, we have gained knowledge of proper nutrition, irrigation and balanced diet – knowledge that helps us achieve better sports performance and health. Brand Sport Sense is the culmination of our passion. We strongly believe that you can do sports without supporting the body with artificial substances. We want athletes to have free access to alkaline, artesian, Polish water that quickly and naturally hydrates the body and replenishes the missing electrolytes.

Robert Piotrkowicz


2009: IFBB Europa Supershow – 5th place
2009: IFBB Atlantic City Pro – 6th place
2009: IFBB Sacramento Pro – 3th place
2010: IFBB Arnold Classic Pro – 10th place
2010: IFBB Mr. Europe Pro – 4th place
2010: IFBB Mr. Olympia – 18th place
2011: IFBB Arnold Classic Pro – 14th place
2011: IFBB Mr. Europe Pro – 4th place
2011: IFBB FIBO Power Pro Germany – 6th place
2011: IFBB Europa Show Of Champions – 7th place
2011: IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow – 5th place
2011: IFBB Tampa Bay Pro – 6th place
2011: IFBB Phoenix Pro – 6th place
2011: IFBB Tijuana Pro – 3rd place (the second qualification for Mr. Olympia)
2011: IFBB Mr. Olympia – 16th place
2011: IFBB Arnold Classic Europe Pro – 7th place
2012: IFBB Nordic Pro Championships – 2nd place
2012: IFBB Arnold Classic Europe – 4th place
2013: IFBB Mr. Europe Pro – 1st place
2013: Prague Pro – 8th place
2013: IFBB Mr. Olympia – 16th place
2013: IFBB Arnold Classic Europe Pro – 11th place
2013: IFBB EVL’S Prague Pro – 8th place

Szymon Łada


2008 Mistrzostwa Polski Juniorów – 3rd place
2008 Mistrzostwa Świata Juniorów (Czechy) – 6th place
2009 Mistrzostwa Europy Juniorów – 1st place
2009 Mistrzostwach Świata w Białymstoku – 3rd place
2011 Mistrzostwa Europy juniorów i seniorów – 4th place
2011 Mistrzostwa Śląska – 1st place
2012 Arnold Classic Amateur – 5th place
2014 Mistrzostwa Europy – 1st place
2014 Mistrzostwa Polski – 1st place
2014 Mistrzostwa Śląska – 1st place
2015 Puchar Polski – 1st place
2015 Mistrzostwa Świata – 1st place
2016 Baikal Grand Prix – 2nd place
2016 Puchar Polski – 1st place
2016 Mistrzostwa Świata – 3rd place
2017 Diamond Cup Katowice – 1st place
2017 Puchar Polski – 1st place
2017 Mistrzostwa Świata – 1st place
2017 Diamond Cup Milano – 2st place

Kaja Rybicka


2014 Debiuty w Ostrowii Mazowieckiej – 4th place
2015 Mistrzostwa Polski w Kielcach – 5th place
2015 VIII Zawody w Kulturystyce i Fitness w Sopocie – 2nd place
2016 Grand Prix Fitness w Kielce – 1st place
2016 Mistrzostwa Polski Kielce – 1st place

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